Since 1999, we have been growing high generation seed potatoes for the Canadian Seed Potato Industry. We use disease free micro plants from our laboratory to produce disease free minitubers or weaned plants in our greenhouse facility.

Mini tubers are grown for you in summer months, so contact us ahead of time in winter or early spring to guarantee your growing space is reserved.  If we can't supply your mini tubers, consider using our greenhouse grown plugs that can be spring planted as well, but require only 4-6 weeks of growing time before they are field ready.  All of our tubers and field ready plants are  CFIA inspected and certified as Nuclear pedigree.

All of our mini tubers and field-ready plants qualify as "Nuclear"- the highest pedigree of potato seed production. All production is inspected and certified under the Canadian Food Agency "Nuclear Stock Seed Production Program".

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Weaned Plants-72 per tray


-We have access to all public varieties
-Varieties in stock listed below-

Clearwater Russet




Purple Viking

Ranger Russet (Amisk clone)

Russian Blue

Russet Burbank

Russet Burbank (Colorado clone)

Russet Norkotah

Sage Russet




Minitubers and Microplants grown on a contract basis only.  Microplants available March through August.

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To order for 2015, simply download the fillable order form in Excel format, fill in your desired quantities, and email the file to us. Or you can download the PDF version of the order form and print it off. Fill in the quantities required for each item and then scan and email it to us.

YPC 2015 Nuclear Potato Order Form 1.xlsx YPC 2015 Nuclear Potato Order Form 1.xlsx
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YPC 2015 Nuclear Potato Order Form 1.pdf YPC 2015 Nuclear Potato Order Form 1.pdf
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