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For 2015 we have a limited supply of shelterbelt trees for your farm and acreage landscape needs.  Caragana is the old standard that still performs well in any conditions, and is a good non-invasive choice for home, market or U-pick gardens. AC Sundancer is a disease resistant poplar that has an upright appearance, but is quite resistant to Bronze Leaf Disease. Our plants are healthy and vigorous and come with an established root ball that is easy to plant and will establish extremely fast with minimal planting shock. You won't have to deal with bare roots drying out in the spring winds! More choices will be added to our supply in 2016, so check back or contact us with what you are looking for. We can help!

Honeysuckle Carigana


Non-invasive shelter for market gardens and U-pick locations

Swedish Aspen

     AC Sundancer

Narrow form poplar with excellent resistance to Bronze Leaf Disease

    Okanese Poplar

Broad form, outstanding shelter poplar

Order Now

To order for 2015, simply download the fillable order form in Excel format, fill in your desired quantities, and email the file to us. Or you can download the PDF version of the order form and print it off. Fill in the quantities required for each item and then scan and email it back to us. 

YPC 2015 Tree and Ornamental Order Form 1.xlsx YPC 2015 Tree and Ornamental Order Form 1.xlsx
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YPC 2015 Tree and Ornamental Order Form 1.pdf YPC 2015 Tree and Ornamental Order Form 1.pdf
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Type : pdf

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