Haskap blossoms

Haskap is an exciting new berry crop for North America. Also known as Honeyberry or Edible Blue Honeysuckle, it is a new super fruit, a flavor-filled berry with consumer appeal and great nutritional qualities. Our varieties are developed at the University of Saskatchewan. All varieties offered are exceptionally cold hardy and the highest quality available.

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Choose a Variety!

Variety Size
Flavor Best Use
Aurora   NEW! 2.17 Sweet Pollinizer/Home garden
Borealis 1.62 Sweet/
Orchard/Home garden
Honey Bee 1.90 Tart Pollinizer
Indigo Gem 1.30 Sweet/
Indigo Treat 1.41 Sweet Orchard
Tundra 1.49 Sweet/
Orchard/ Home garden
Use a pollinator variety with every 3-5 plants production plants. One variety alone will not produce fruit. Better pollination results in higher yields! 

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